Ffarquhar is the top station of Thomas' Branch Line. The engine and carriage sheds are located here, as well as a line leading to Anopha Quarry. No engines are allowed on that line, except Mavis and Toby.

It's Thomas' favourite station, as revealed in the fifth season episode Baa!.


Ffarquhar station was built as an extension of Thomas' Branch Line from Hackenbeck, to provide an outlet for the stone from the Quarry at Anopha Fell.

In earlier books, Ffarquhar looked considerably different to the later version familiar to readers. Wilbert Awdry explained this away in The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways in the form of a letter by Mr. Kevin Volley, former stationmaster at Ffarquhar, as being the result of errors by the artist.


In the TV Series, Ffarquhar made appearances in the firstthirdfiftheighth seasons, and Calling All Engines!.

It also made an appearance in the original opening of the Classic Series from seasons 1-7.


  • The Welsh-sounding name "Ffarquhar" is a made-up word derived from "Far-away quarry" by the Reverend W. Awdry and his brother George.
  • Tom Tipper the postman brings mail to the station for Percy to take to Knapford.
  • It is a designated stop for Bertie.