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"But from what I heard, Henry got a little carried away above his station!"
— Gordon

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose and Sean O' Connor


Gavin Rose and Johnny Morris

Air date

December 16 2011

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The Visitor

Gordon is the eighth and final episode of the Railways of Sodor. The episode was launched on December 16 2011.


Gordon was at the Works and told the workmen the story of when he was younger. Gordon was built experimentally by Sir Nigel Gresley at Doncaster Works between 1920 and 1922 as an "A0" Pacific. When Gresley was finished using Gordon for designing his A1 Pacifics, he sold Gordon, along with a spare boiler and firebox, to the North Western Railway.

Gordon is mainly used for passenger duties, pulling the North Western Railway's express, the Wild Nor' Wester, but has occasionally pulled goods trains. He has been known to run into ditches and stop on hills to get out of doing these jobs, as he believes that these are below him. Hiw worst mistake was that he broke down with the strain of the hill.

Because of this in 1939, Gordon went to Crewe for a rebuild because he proved to have trouble with his old shape. His conjugated valve gear was replaced by a two-cylinder chassis (designed by the Fat Controller), he received a smoother running plate, Stanier underframes wheels, cylinders, squared-off side windows, rectangular buffers, and a Fowler tender. 

When Gordon returned home, he wasted no time by helping Henry, who also got stuck on the hill, and said he needed more lesson in hauling fast trains. 

As he ended his story, saying they were all wiser, older and knew a lot better, henry passed by saying he was not wise at all. This caused Gordon to go back to being grumpy. The worken sighed that they can change all the parts in the engine but he will still be the same grumpy Gordon they all love.




  • This episode used a different intro.
  • Like Episode 5, this episode did not have a Directors Cut unlike Episode 7
  • This episode used CGI faces and a sky and bird.
  • This episode marked the final episode of the series unless renewal for future episodes will be announced.


  • In the next part Henry is in his new shape but he was not rebuilt until 1950.
  • If you look closely a Fowler 4F and the Breakdown Crane have an early BR Crest. British Railways were not formed until 1948 and this episode was set around 1923.
  • If it was Henry's brake pipe that was leaking, it wouldn't do any good if Gordon coupled up to the front because the air would still leak out of Henry's pipe before it reached the coaches. If Gordon coupled to the back of the train, then it would work because the air would go directly to the coaches.