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Gordon the Big Engine

Reverend W. Awdry

Illustrated by

C. Reginald Dalby


Edmund Ward
Egmont Publishing


1953 - present

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Gordon the Big Engine is the eighth book of the Railway Series.


Dear Ian,
You asked for a book about Gordon. Here it is. Gordon has been naughty, and Sir Topham Hatt was stern with him.

Gordon has now learned his lesson and is a Really Useful Engine again.
The Author


Off the Rails

Gordon is huffy after being told to take a goods train and his fire is slow, so Edward comes to take him to the turntable. Gordon decides to "jam" the table, but only breaks through a fence and runs into a ditch. Edward takes the special instead and Henry and James pull him out.


Gordon is banned from pulling coaches and told to shunt trucks until he behaves, and he bosses the trucks about. When he tries to warn James that his hill is slippery after a rainfall, James simply laughs, but soon regrets it when the coaches drag him down the hill. Gordon takes pity and helps James up again.

Down the Mine

Thomas teases Gordon for falling into a ditch, and carries on even after Annie and Clarabel rebuke him. Thomas then goes to the lead mine to get some trucks. Thomas concocts a plan to go past a "danger" board, and falls in. Gordon, who laughs when he finds out, comes to the rescue, and, on the way home, the two form an Alliance.

Paint Pots and Queens

Queen Elizabeth II is coming to Sodor and Henry brags that he will be chosen to take the Royal Train, but these plans are soon put to rest when Henry disturbs a painter and a paintpot falls onto him. Thomas and Gordon apologise to the Fat Controller for being silly, and he allows Gordon to pull the Royal Train. On the big day, Thomas gets the coaches ready, and Edward clears the line in front. The Queen meets all the engines, and talks personally to Thomas, Edward and Gordon, but Gordon feels proudest of all.



  • This is the first Railway Series not to introduce any new characters.


  • In the final illustration of "Off the Rails" Gordon, Henry and James' faces disappear.
  • In the seventh illustration of "Leaves", James has six coaches, in the next picture he has five.
  • In the first illustration of "Paint Pots and Queens" James is portrayed as a 4-6-0 wheel configuration and should Henry move forward, he would collide with the shed support pillar.