"Me, Slip? Is that a joke?"

"Don't say I didn't warn you"

— Thomas and Henry arguing
Slippery Rails

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose

Air date

February 21 2007

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Duck's Bad Day

Slippery Rails is the first episode of the Railways of Sodor, but was the fifth released. The episode was launched on Febuary 21 2007


It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor. Henry was on the turntable ready to take his express. After collecting the train, Henry rushed to the station where Thomas would take his passengers. Thomas is waiting at the junction for Henry's passengers, when Henry arrives he warns him of the slippery rails up ahead, but Thomas being Thomas doesn't listen and finds himself struggling up a hill, all is well when Duck arrives as the banker for his train.




  • This episode has a part based on the story of  The Trouble with Mud (slipping on the hill and the two engines arguing about slipping on the hill).


  • Annie is facing the wrong way when Thomas arrived at Elsbridge.
  • Why would Thomas take Henry's express when he could have taken his passengers on Annie and Clarabel.
  • Percy can be seen on the left side of the screen off the tracks when Thomas is waiting at Elsbridge.
  • Studio equipment can be seen throughout the episode.
  • Henry says its very slippy where he should have said "slippery".
  • No leaves were visible where Thomas was slipping.