To ensure a good and safe wiki, we have established a Bureaucracy on this wiki to make this wiki flourish. Thomasfan was the guiding star of the Thomas Bureaucracy. The people adored him because he showed firm wiki editing by patience. He edited valiantly to help the wiki's pages, and make sure they are spic and span before Fang arrives. He longed to make this wiki famous as their sister wiki.


Priorities Established. To run a proper bureaucracy, we must also launch projects and programs regarding the safety of our wiki and for the greater good. In his inaugural private speech as newly promoted bureaucrat, Thomasfan stressed the giving of eternal rights for future members. He presented the following programs:

1. Establishment of the justifiable, clean and stable wiki.

2. Respect for the laws and peace and order.

3. Creation of stable and independent court.

4. Welfare of people.

5. Reproduction of wealth of the wiki, and expansion of editing process.

6. Maintenance of an independent service.

7. Happiness for people who made the series.

8. Protection from spam and vandalism.

9. Manifestation of good virtues, understanding and friendship with other wikis.