"Little Engines aren't useful engines! "
— Archibald
The Visitor

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Christopher Signore (original)
Gavin Rose (adapted)


Gavin Rose and Johnny Morris

Air date

September 5 2007

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The Visitor is the seventh episode of the Railways of Sodor. The episode was launched on September 5 2007.


Sir Topham Hatt has recently reopened an old line. To celebrate, he has arranged for a few trains to run on it. All the engines were willing to pull the trains but turns out they were too busy with their own so another engine will be doing it instead. Gordon and James were disappointed.

When the Visitor arrived next morning, it turns out Percy was the first to meet him. Archibald was his name. Percy showed him to the shed. Everyone was excited to meet him, especially the tank engines but he spent more time talking with the big engines. Gordon and James warmed to him immediately, thus forgetting to be jealous. Archibald will start his first train tomorrow. As night came, the two tank engines tried to talk to him again but Archibald was not interested as tank engines were not dignified.

The next morning, Thomas shunted Archibald's coaches. When Archibald arrived, he was rude and did not even say Thank you to Thomas. Soon Archibald was thundering down the line, the scenery was beautiful and the passengers were having a great time. But on the journey home however, things started to wrong. Archibald hurried back to big station, he was looking for a good chat with Gordon, James and Henry again. When suddenly, steam began escaping from his pipes and he quickly lost speed. It turns out he had a leak in one of his pipes. His driver ran to the nearest signal box for help. Bill and Ben helped him back to the big station.

Everyone was surprised to see Archibald being towed by Bill and Ben to the big station. He was mocked by Thomas and Percy. He was sent to the works to be mended, he was very sorry for himself. That night, Thomas, Percy, Bill & Ben came to the works. The five engines had a conversation and all were now friends.

When he was mended the next day, he spent his entire stay running on the line with no mes up. but this time, he does not forget to give a whistle to any engine. Archibald finally learned his lesson and returned home a better engine.




  • This episode unlike, episode 5 and 8 has a Directors Cut released on March 21 2011. However it had its intro, outro and credits removed.